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Chris Griscom
In a world of such fear and insecurity, our beloved “four legged“ friends, the dogs, provide us an important respite from our troubles.

They truly seem to be empathetic to our moods, they never argue with us, they make us laugh, and their loyalty and love have no boundaries.

They are our great teachers of trust. 
Above all, they make us feel chosen and honored.  Perhaps that is the most important gift to us.

We humans have an innate need to be chosen and when an animal likes us we feel that we are truly good and our self-esteem increases.
This more positive sense of self has a healing effect on other aspects of our lives and helps us be more compassionate and patient with others.
But the deepest connection we have with our dogs is a sense that they understand us and are listening to us. 
In fact, they are not only picking up messages from our body language and energy field radiating
from us, but they are actually capable of psychic, telepathic communication with us. 

Once we realize this, we begin to evolve to a
higher level of consciousness. 
Our dogs can tell us many useful bits
of information about ourselves and the world—if only we respect them as sentient beings. 
We speak to them as if we were cooing at a baby
because they open our hearts. 
Actually they are our Soul friends come
to dream us awake.
Imagine you could attune to your dog’s energy and consciousness when it is sleeping. 

You will find a kind of peace and expansion that will
free you and take you into a more cosmic arena of possibility. 

I wish that each and every person on the planet could share their lives with a dog. 
What a different world it would be!
I extend my Great Love and respect to the dogs and their chosen “two legged” friends. 
Chris Griscom